Top interesting things in Linda Ikeji’s blog, Stella’s blog, and Kemi Filani’s blog.

Top interesting things in Linda Ikeji blog, Stella's blog, and Kemi Filani blog.

Top interesting things in Linda Ikeji, Stella’s, and Kemi Filani blog

Linda Ikeji blog, Stella’s blog, and Kemi Filani blog

What do all these three women have in common? They’re all celebrated Nigerian bloggers who are getting lots of attention right now. Linda Ikeji, Stella’s, and Kemi Filani each have their own niche area of focus and/or industry, but together they make up an influential bunch in Nigeria’s blogging community.

Each of these women is a hardworking, successful businesswoman that deserves some attention from the public eye – especially if you’re in the same field as one of them! So let’s get to know them.

What do they have in common?

The answer to that question is probably nothing, but they all have one thing in common. They’re all on The E! networks’ new show Fashion: The Linda Ikeji blog takes on Stella’s fashion sense. Followed by… well you know how it goes because I don’t want to give it away but what do you think will happen next week? Tune in! Also read: Best infinix phones in Nigeria 2022
Well, we’ll tell you. Next week is Fashion day. Which means you get to see all your favorite bloggers in Nigeria battle it out in a live runway show for a chance to be crowned next year’s hottest blog fashionista! Of course, we can’t give too much away but we will say one thing… It gets ugly! Who do you think will win? Is there any way to know if a specific blogger in Nigeria will be on next week? Tune in for your chance to find out!

How each blog is unique

Each has its own style of writing. These blogs cover different sectors like sports, entertainment, viral news, etc. While some may not be fans of her reports, no one can deny that Linda’s ikeji blog is a force to reckon with on social media. Her YouTube videos are also widely enjoyed by Nigerians as she releases them regularly with well-thought-out ideas.

The same cannot be said about Stella’s blog or Kemi Filan’s blog, but we love them all for their different styles of writing. They have become household names in Nigeria today as we wait for each new post they publish online. Let’s not forget these ladies that have kept themselves relevant through their blogs; they deserve a pat on their backs…

Why these blogs are important to Nigerians

There are a lot of people on Linda Ikeji’s site. They range from bloggers to celebrities to students. Her site is one of Nigeria’s most popular for a reason; it’s extremely popular for Nigerians (and Nigerian-Americans). It gives people in Nigeria an opportunity to interact with each other like never before; everyone can see what everyone else is doing or thinking about and comment about it. Are you wondering how to start a blog? Read this: How to start a converting blog in 2022

Her site is an important part of Nigerian culture for that reason. It also gives us an insight into American culture because she has so many followers in America as well.

Until a few years ago, Nigerians depended on international media for updates about what was happening in their country. However, with blogs like Linda Ikeji Blog taking off around 2006 (she launched her official site in 2007), Nigerians now have an alternative source of news that they can trust more than many of their corrupt local papers. Read: Why I Love Shopping at Books A Million

Linda Ikeji Blog news has become the most trusted news source in Nigeria today. Linda Ikeji blog news. For example, whenever a politician is caught in scandalous activities or accused of wrongdoing by anonymous online sources on Twitter or Facebook, there’s no way they can have their names cleared (or at least muddied less) by being able to point to positive coverage from traditional Nigerian newspapers. A blogger’s words are her bond—there’s nothing else tying it down but her reputation. Linda Ikeji started blogging in 2006. … She became an active blogger in 2007.

Kemi filani blog news

This is the second visited blog in Nigeria. It offers all news you want to year. Covers all major sectors in Nigeria and also globally. Celebrity news, entertainment news, etc. You will get all these stories in one place. Read: The Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in the United States

SDK blog

Stella dimoko korkus blog covers all trending topics and stories in Nigeria. Be it in sports, politics, entertainment, etc. Stella’s blog is slowly becoming a prominent blog in Nigeria. This is because they post relevant news and authentic stories globally. Stella Korkus’s blog is growing on a daily basis. Visit SDK blog for all happenings around the world and in Nigeria.

How to start a blog and make money in Nigeria?

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