How to monetize website traffic with propeller ads

Propeller Ads is a Global Advertising network with 1+ billion online users per month.

The company was founded in 2011 and since then it has become one of the largest advertising networks. It reaches over 100 million desktop & mobile users a day across 120,000 of premium online publishing partners.

Their core interest is to allow advertisers to achieve their goals, and allow publishers to monetize website traffic with highest eCPM rates across the world. There are different ads formats to monetize your website which include:

PropellerAds has developed its own Anti-Adblock solution that guarantees 99.9% bypassing of all known AdBlock plugins, supports all browsers and increases publisher’s revenue up to 100%.

Minimum payout for publishers is $5 only to PayPal. The other payment options minimum threshold for Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Webmoney and ePayments may vary.The best thing about this platform is, there’s no minimum number of traffic required. Also setting up ads account is instant and there is a referral program where by you earn 5% lifetime commission.

What is website monetization

Website (or traffic) monetization, is the act of exchanging traffic for revenue. Technically, you offer a service for which you gather certain traffic, for a given period of time.

What is CPA? That will be Cost Per Action; whereas the action can be anything from impressions (CPM), subscribers (CPS), etc.

Who exactly can be a Publisher? Anybody that has a way to generate traffic:

  • Website Owners,
  • Social Media Marketers,
  • SEO Masters,
  • Ad Networks, Brokers,
  • Domainers, etc.

Now lets dive to this ads fromats one by one!

1. OnClick 

Also known as Popunder or OnClick Popunders, this is the format that enables users to open a different new tab once they click on your website. OnClick is an extremely customizable method as it features a lot of space for both, copy and images. 

Having so much space for promotions, also makes this format one of the most effective, compared with all the other monetization solutions.

Working with PropellerAds’ OnClick brings yet another very nice touch, by allowing you to monetize OnClick AdBlock traffic. What’s even more, you can install our innovative Anti-AdBlock traffic on WordPress and BlogSpot as well.

2. Direct Links

Also known as Smartlinks, Directs, or even Native Direct Links. These are links that can connect your users with thousands of different landing pages and offers. And their best feature might be that you don’t even need to optimize anything. 

3. Push Notifications

This format is one of the most effective in reaching users, as it acts like a device notification. In fact users often take the action Push indicates, almost instantly.

If your website is HTTPS or if you’re securing your HTTP website, you can also get 25% more profit with the sw.js subscription window. Push Notifications also allow you to increase your income by monetizing AdBlock traffic.

4. In-Page Push

This great alternative to banners but similar to Push Notificatio. It’s even more interesting for users thanks to the customizable skins that not only allows them not to affect your UX, but also mimic your website’s interface. Being so customizable also makes IPP a favorite when it comes to niche websites.

5. Interstitials

Interstitials are medium size formats that can be set to appear with a delay, covering the main page entirely or ⅔ of it. These can be customized with various skins – including an animated one, to better draw the attention of your users and fit with your website interface. Interstitials perform best on social, streaming, media player, anime, and MP3 music streaming websites.

6. MultiTag

MultiTag combines various formats. It will help you get high CPM rates, fully optimized ads, and maintain a flawless user experience.

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